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Q&A with Lorell Celis, Owner of Skin Spa Austin

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Q&A with Lorell Celis, Owner of Skin Spa Austin

Published: 11/10/2011 by Veronica Elizabeth Cruise

ABG: Tell me about your background. What did you do before opening Skin Spa Austin?

Lorell: Before spas, I was in sales, customer service management and wrote code for web design. I also opened a spa with someone else, but that didn't work out so I opened Skin Spa Austin Lounge on May 14, 2011.


ABG: With so much competition in the spa industry, why did you choose to open a spa?

Lorell: Nothing was ever what I wanted. I was never satisfied with other spas. So I thought "what would I do?" I had a huge desire to do something different.


ABG: What makes Skin Spa Austin so different from other spas?

Lorell: We're completely different than any other spa because of our urban feel, modern and relaxation together combined.  It's not just fluffy and cozy. This [Skin Spa Austin] was an open loft. I took the urban loft concept and recreated it into a relaxing, modern day spa. We are an Urban Loft Concept Spa with private walls and an open ceiling.


ABG: So you offer the basic spa services such as facials, massages, waxing, chemical you offer anything else?

Lorell: Yes, we provide med-spa services and have a full kitchen so we can have things catered in. People can rent the spa for a day and mingle from service to service. We don't charge for space rental alone as long as a certain number of services are paid. People can bring in their own food and have a DJ. The music can be heard throughout with the open ceiling layout. We try to host 2 events a month.


ABG: When is your next event?

Lorell: This Saturday! November 12th is a beauty and brunch event from 11-2pm. People can come and go. We request they RSVP. We'll have chair massages and mini an open house. People can call 512.476.SKIN (7546) to RSVP.