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Beauty Talk: Brizy Tait of Keep Austin Gorgeous

Beauty Talk: Brizy Tait of Keep Austin Gorgeous

Published: 06/06/2012 by Veronica Cruise

ABG: Tell me about Keep Austin Gorgeous (KAG)?

Brizy: KAG is an organic salon and spa that offers chemical free services. We offer modern boudoir charm in a facility with state-of-the-art equipment, and we provide a lot of attention to our clients and their families.

ABG: Who is Brizy Tait?

Brizy: I am the founder of KAG, a cosmetologist and makeup artist by heart. I love beauty and understand that beauty can be chemical free. When I was in high school, I wanted to become a hair dresser and my mom said no way…you can be a lawyer, doctor…and I actually went to school for biochemistry and engineering. When I finished my associate’s degree, I went to Dallas and happened to meet my husband. We started dating and a year later got married. We were married in 2007. Then we decided to move to Austin and then I went back to school for cosmetology.  

ABG: What made you want to open KAG?

Brizy: I started doing freelance makeup and updos back in 2008. Soon after, I became known as the go-to person for hair and makeup. We didn’t know how KAG was going to turn out. We went from a small 10x10 gallery of salons to expanding my own 1200 square foot salon now known as KAG. We have grown to be the place for bridal appointments and all-natural beauty services. We wouldn’t be here without all of the love and support received from clients.

ABG: What all do you do for the bride?

Brizy: We can host bridal parties anywhere from the bride up to a party of 18. We start with a consultation and we offer facial services, hair services, and rehearsal dinner to wedding service pampering. We can go on location too.

ABG:  What would you say is your focus in your business besides being organic?

Brizy: We focus on bridal, organic hair color and medical facial appointments. The average bridal appointment takes about 2 hours. We actually didn’t become organic until 2010.

ABG: What happened in 2010?

Brizy: I was in the parking lot of the salon, and I saw a beautiful red headed lady. I asked her if she was the Redken rep. She said, “No sweetie. I only do organic.” That word organic triggered a huge question, and I told her to talk to me in my suite. She came over and educated me on the amount of nasty ingredients found in beauty products and how they can affect your health. I went home, did research and found an array of information. I immediately migrated to organic. Our first step was hair color and then medical grade organic skincare. Now everything we offer is organic and natural.

ABG: What is your most popular service?

Brizy: We actually have 3…organic hair color, because it is ammonia free, our organic medical facials and our bridal appointments. It’s a medical grade facial skin care line that truly delivers results.

ABG: What do you want people to know about KAG?

Brizy: We offer natural and organic services without the organic price tag. Also, that everyone and anyone can get beauty services without having to intoxicate their body with chemicals. If I can make a recommendation to someone, it is not to just follow marketing and brand campaigns but to actually make the effort to learn about the ingredients that affect your body and health.

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