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Facelift Alternatives

Facelift Alternatives

Published: 05/20/2014 by Meredith Davis

A recent episode of E!’s Giuliana & Bill depicted Giuliana Rancic exploring the idea of a facelift to counteract signs of aging. After a consultation, her doctor said she is too young for a facelift and suggested alternative treatments such as lasers or fillers. The show brought to light the wide range of plastic surgery procedures that are available beyond the realm of facelifts.

According to Dr. Peter Geldner, Board-certified plastic surgeon, “Many people assume facelifts are the best option for combating signs of aging, but in reality there are several procedures that are less invasive and still very effective. With a facelift, we’re going beyond a simple skin operation and are analyzing the underlying muscles, fat and bone. With lasers or similar technology, we’re able to target specific areas and change the level of the procedure depending on specific needs.”

Below are a few options Dr. Geldner suggests for reducing the signs of aging:

  • Dermapen:  This is the option Giuliana Rancic ultimately selected. It’s a non-surgical technology that uses multiple fine needles to vertically pierce the skin to produce collagen. It tightens the skin, aids in wrinkle reduction, reduces freckling and minimizes acne scarring. The Dermapen requires minimal downtime, making it an easy, yet effective option. 


  • Light Therapy:  This non-invasive option stimulates changes at the molecular level deep inside the skin to alter the gene expression of older, damaged skin cells. The result is rejuvenated cells that look and act like younger cells. One type of light therapy, The Forever Young BBL Light Facial, is based on 10 years of study completed by the Dermatology Department at Stanford. The research found that with 2-4 treatments per year, the skin actually stops visible signs of aging.


  • Micro Laser Peel:  This skin treatment is minimally invasive and works by penetrating the full epidermal layer to remove the outmost layers of the skin.  Used for evening out skin tone and reducing fine lines, wrinkles, scars and some precancerous lesions, this procedure requires a short downtime as the skin will be slightly pink and peel for a few days following the treatment.  Doctors may opt to use a topical anesthetic before the procedure.


  • Injectable Treatments: Botox and fillers continue to thrive – and for good reason. Botox refreshes and helps patients look younger, without going under the knife. In addition, Botox can be a preventative option when starting the treatment before lines have formed deep into the face. Similarly, fillers including Juvederm and Voluma are ideal for fixing contouring concerns and can be injected into depressions to create an elevation.  Find local injectable services >>