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Cinnamon Paprika Slimming Massage

Cinnamon Paprika Slimming Massage

Published: 11/15/2011 by Veronica Elizabeth Cruise

Pressure in finding the perfect party outfit that fits can be stressful this holiday season. Thankfully, Skin Spa Austin offers a little delicacy in a pampering service called the 60-minute Cinnamon Paprika Cellulite slimming massage. Cinnamon Paprika Cellulite slimming lotion, part of the Eminence Organics Skin Care collection is not meant for the entire body, but a few target areas like the thighs and back of the arms. However, it is made for "all skin types, with cellulite and lack of elasticity," as stated on the bottle.

Combining the therapeutic techniques of massage with a cellulite slimming lotion is aimed to relax you while reducing the appearance of cellulite. Yes, you can look good in your party dress after this massage! I had the pleasure of experiencing this service under the magical hands of Yuki Kao. With 6 years of aesthetics and 18 months of massage therapy experience, she combined a variety of techniques to provide a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

The 60-minute cinnamon paprika massage begins with your choice of a salt scrub or dry brush exfoliation to help your skin absorb the lotion. After exfoliation, she massaged the Cinnamon Paprika Cellulite slimming lotion followed with hot towels placed on the target areas. The heat helps stimulate the blood flow, promoting better circulation.  The cellulite slimming portion only took 20 minutes with the rest of the massage focused on my other areas of need. I chose a full body massage with the focus on my shoulders, scalp and neck. Yuki utilized myofascial release integrated with a deep massage to loosen my tight muscles. At the end of the 60-minute session, a well-balanced and relaxed state had been achieved with softer, smoother skin overall.

The Cinnamon Paprika Cellulite slimming treatment may be added on to any massage, body wrap, scrub or as a stand-alone treatment.

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