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LePA Skincare Offers a Union of European and Texan Beauty

LePA Skincare Offers a Union of European and Texan Beauty

Published: 05/18/2012 by Courtney Byrd

LePA Skincare, located downtown in the UT west campus area, is one of Austin’s only authentic European spas. Founded by Manja Hossa and inspired by her family’s spa in Slovenia, the spa’s values and motivations are based in its Central European heritage. Offering facials, massage, electrolysis and cellulite treatments, LePA combines proven European techniques, training, treatments and products with Texan hospitality to offer a truly customized experience.

One of LePA’s most beneficial treatments, if not somewhat forgotten by its American clientele, is its body wraps and scrubs. “I look in magazines and read about all this different stuff, but I don’t read about the basics. And the basics are that you should get a scrub, a masque and a body wrap once in a while to care for your skin… [After all], it is the largest organ!” Hossa said.

To begin the process, the body is scrubbed head-to-toe with a customized sugar scrub in order to remove dead skin cells, smooth the skin and prep it for the following masque and wrap. This sugar scrub differs from most of its competitors; instead of using a dry technique, the scrub is infused with the client’s preferred oil selection chosen from an exclusive, imported, all-natural, high-quality Slovenian product line. After the scrub, the skin is already infused with vitamins and minerals from the oil, but is also more susceptible to the moisturizing benefits of the masque.

Masque choices include milk and honey or chocolate (both excellent for dry skin), mint, or algae (which works as a detox for your skin, and is excellent for smokers). The masque is either rubbed or brushed onto the skin. Finally, the client is wrapped and eventually rinsed, completing the process.

Instant results include skin that is more even, smooth and dewy. Long-term, your at-home products will work more efficiently, as your skin will be more able to absorb them. A body scrub and wrap is recommended between four and eight weeks, however, with proper at-home care with the correct products, this timeframe could expand with similar results.

In addition to the rich product line, the body scrubs and wraps at LePA are applied in a truly European fashion. “As a technician, you’re just focusing on the skin and what you’re doing. As a skincare professional, I think of [skincare] clinically… You want to treat every part of the skin, nourish it and pamper it - and sure it happens to be a very relaxing procedure - but you want to really be making a difference,” Hossa said.

In this clinical approach to skincare, the entire body is treated as many Americans would usually treat the face and includes every area of the body, except the genitals and nipples. Before the service, a questionnaire allows the client to choose areas for their provider to avoid in order to ensure maximum satisfaction from their experience. For some clients, this means having the scrub performed fully nude, while others may choose to use the provided disposable panties and bra or wear their own swimsuit. Whatever the client’s preference may be, LePA goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure that the experience is always comfortable and respectful. Hossa said, “You’re the boss, but we will take care of everything if you let us.”

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