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Beauty Talk: Founder of Aqua Blue Beauty & Bodyworks

Beauty Talk: Founder of Aqua Blue Beauty & Bodyworks

Published: 11/08/2012 by Veronica Elizabeth Cruise

Austin Beauty Guide sat down with Jules Herrmann, owner of Aqua Blue Beauty & Bodyworks, to find out the passion behind her spa and what makes it unique.

1. What did you do before opening Aqua BB&B?  

Quote“For the last 20 years, I have worked in the corporate world, mostly with start-ups and high-tech companies, helping get businesses off the ground. While living in San Francisco working for a tech start-up, I decided to change career paths. I went back to school for Esthetics and went through the CIDESCO* training in San Francisco. Once I got my license, I began freelancing and working at spas in SF. I decided to move back to Austin and get my license for Texas. I am dually licensed in the States of California and Texas. I’m also certified in Micropigmentation (Permanent Makeup) and Injections, and I am a Continuing Education Provider in the State of Texas for Skincare.” 

2. When and why did you open ABB&B?   

Quote“I opened in 2010 after working at another spa that went out of business. I helped launch that spa in 2004 and after they closed, I decided to open my own studio instead of working for another one.  All my life I’ve helped companies launch their business; I figured ‘why couldn’t I open my own? I’ve done it for everyone else.’ So, I started small to build the name and clientele and we have now expanded the business into Pflugerville." 

3. Why did you relocate to Pflugerville? 

Quote“The decision to relocate to Pflugerville was really by accident. I had searched all over Austin for  “the perfect place” and found nothing. I spoke to a guy that was leasing space that fit what I needed. I met him at the property and when I drove up, it was dirt. I thought I went to the wrong place; I called him and asked if I had the correct address because ‘I’m on dirt!’  Well, that dirt turned into an actual building a few months later. It was a vision that I had to have since I didn’t get to see anything. I took the chance and said ‘okay, I’ll take it!’  So far, the vision has been good.”

4. What do you feel makes your spa different from others? 

Quote“I want everyone to have the opportunity to get beautified. The difference is we are very affordable. We have our regular competitive prices online but our monthly specials are always deals. We work with our clients. We’ve had clients who couldn’t afford laser treatments but really needed it. For example, we work with a few teenagers who have extreme facial hair, which causes very low self-esteem. Some of the parents can’t afford it so we put them on payment plans and make it very affordable. We helped another client who couldn’t afford to have his tattoos removed from his neck and wanted them off for his job. He had a rough life growing up and wanted no part of that history so we offered to remove the tattoos from his neck. Giving back to the community is something we truly believe in. If Aqua Blue Beauty & Bodyworks can help make a change for someone, then we try to make it happen.”

5. What do you want people to remember once they visit ABB&B? 

Quote"That we really are affordable for all! We provide exceptional service, we try to go above and beyond to help where we can, and we pride ourselves in customer service and honesty."

Experience ABB&B

Aqua Blue Beauty & Bodyworks celebrates their grand opening with an event on Saturday, November 10th from 11am-2pm. Located at 305 N. Heatherwilde Blvd in Pflugerville. The first 50 guests will receive reusable totes. It will be an afternoon of family fun with free snacks, $7 BBQ plates, silent auction, kid’s activities sponsored by The Children’s Courtyard, tour the Pflugerville fire truck, enjoy mini spa services, vendor holiday shopping, free 5-minute coaching sessions from Robin Emmerich, free color bug services by Green Alley Salon, a performance by the Acrotex Angels Pom Squad, music and more! Plus, 100% of the proceeds from the silent auction and donations will benefit The Cancer Connection.


To RSVP, visit their event page here >

For more information or to book an appointment, visit their website here >

*A CIDESCO diploma is the highest qualification in the esthetics industry, known by employers throughout the world. A CIDESCO graduate student is known to employers to be exceptionally prepared for any type of spa or beauty opportunity available.Whether it is facial treatments or body treatments, the CIDESCO program prepares students to work hands on, providing any number of services, from skin assessments and eyebrow tinting to massage and waxing.