12 Brands of Christmas Weekly Giveaway

by Austin Beauty Guide on 12/27/2012 - 01:05 pm

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Week 7 Giveaway - RxSystems

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Christmas may be over, but the giveaways continue for's 12 Brands of Christmas giveaway promotion. Rx Systems is the second brand featured this week. is giving away 3 kits this time. Two of the kits will be anti-aging products and the third kit will be for acne. These kits are a fabulous way to try just a few of Rx Systems amazing products.

Wanna win?

Visit on Facebook to enter to win. Even better, like their page to keep up with the weekly giveaways, up-to-date product information, free samples and more. 

About Rx Systems

Rx Systems is a fabulous line that includes a wide range of products for both skin and hair. For aging concerns, they developed a truly unique formula the Glypoic Complex. This complex combines glycolic acid and alpha lipoic acid into one amazing complex. You will receive the benefits from glycolic acid which include removing the thick layer of unwanted or damaged skin to reveal new, glowing skin AND the benefits of alpha lipoic which will help not only new cell growth, but also cell metabolism allowing for even faster, more dramatic results. The longer you use their products, the more radiant your skin will look.

We all know how important the daily use of sunscreen is, but sometimes it's better to hear it from a professional! Check out the below video from Dr. Sam.

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