Herbal Body Wraps for Skin Tightening

by Austin Beauty Guide on 06/07/2012 - 11:48 am

Tag: Products

The arrival of spring not only brings warmer temps and longer days, but also the frightening thought of getting into a swimsuit! Now that spring is officially here, it is time to focus on getting fit for summer. Since the cooler months are notorious for packing on the pounds, we thought we’d share a get-slim-quick tip to inspire you to tighten up and get bikini ready.

Today’s tip focuses on tightening loose skin on the fly with all natural body wraps. It Works! is the brand behind the innovative herbal body applicators that promise to “tighten, tone and firm, wherever you choose, in 45 minutes.” The wraps feature an all-natural, herbal substance that is used to detoxify fat and reduce the appearance of cellulite and skin slackening.

You can use them at any time and there is a wrap for almost every area of the body. A box of 4 wraps will cost you $59 and similar to most other products, consistent use of the wraps + drinking lots of water will allow for better results.

By no means are these wraps a magic weight loss solution, but they are a healthy, natural alternative to liposuction and gastric bypass surgery when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program. Not to mention, regular massages will help to push the toxins out faster.

Looking to have a little fun while losing inches at the same time? Teresa Lyles of Wings of Healing Massage & Body Contouring will host a wrap party for you and your friends, so that you can all jump on the bandwagon together. Contact her to learn more.