The Skin Benefits in Shrooms

by Austin Beauty Guide on 06/19/2013 - 07:52 am

Tag: Skincare

The Skin Benefits in Shrooms

Notorious for their hallucinogenic properties, mushrooms are more than just a mind-alerting substance. They also have powerful beautifying benefits!

elure Skin Brightening System puts this multi-purpose fungus to work, utilizing Melanozyme, a mushroom-derived enzyme, to brighten skin in a fast, safe way. The naturally occurring bio-active substance breaks down melanin quickly, without the irritation and side effects of hydroquinone, working to dissolve currently existing pigment as opposed to stopping cells from generating more pigment (as hydroquinone functions). Instead of tripping, this ‘shroom will have you experiencing a whole new level of clarity!


elure generates visible results in four weeks, with optimal/best results taking place in eight to 12 weeks. The products deliver a noticeable change in skin’s radiance, texture, tone and overall appearance.

The elure system consists of: