Spa Owners, Estheticians & Medical Professionals!!


"NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment", is a breakthrough, accidental discovery! Why join Nerium International? Over 50% of the wealth generated in the direct market sales industry comes from the beauty category.

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Contact Name: Misty McLemore, Independent Brand Partner

Contact Phone: 512-750-2952

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The unprecedented results and clinical testing of "NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment" provide a huge differential to other skincare products. There is a huge barrier of entry that includes patents, sourcing, and lengthy biotechnology research. This ensures that our products will never be replicated. We have the exclusive global rights to the product line for both present and future products.
Contact Misty McLemore, Independent Brand Partner, Nerium International at 512-750-2952. RSVP to the event by phone or email.

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Spa Owners, Estheticians & Medical Professionals!!

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