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Salon SoLaras, in the SoLa of Austin, is seeking independent stylists, nail technicians, massage therapists, estheticians, makeup and tattoo artists.

3005 S. Lamar Blvd. Suite 110A South Lamar, Austin, Texas 78704

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Contact Name: Amy Taras

Contact Phone: 512-215-9532

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We are actively seeking interest from established stylists, technicians, and artists that wish to work (and play) in our 'Urban Beauty Lounge' in the coolest part of our city, South Lamar, the 'SoLa' of Austin. Booth rental, private and semi-private suites will be available.

Salon SoLaras offers to you:

• A salon partnership group that is entirely, and passionately, geared toward our independent stylists' SUCCESS.

• State-of-the-art salon software (Salon Transcripts) with ONLINE BOOKING and a coordinated SOCIAL MEDIA and search engine MARKETING campaigns provided. STX is up and running so you can pre-book all your appointments now!

• Multiple line retail product choices: MORE choices = MORE clients = MORE success!

• Top-of-the-line hydraulic chairs and plush, functional shampoo shuttles in a stylish, yet comfortable urbanite environment.

• Owner partners who will focus on your valued CONTINUING EDUCATION, to include a dedicated training room and disco ball...sweet!

• Owner partners who will work towards always finding the synergistic path to your INDIVIDUALITY and SUCCESS.

• On-site HEALTHCARE!. . .wait, what? Yes, we believe in your health and wellness. Your family's health as well...HOLDUP! Yes, your immediate family's health too!

You should have an established clientele and a willing desire to market your skills, abilities and potential with us. Or, you could be that terrific commission stylist who is ready to develop your clientele into YOUR SUCCESS. Either way, let us help you meet your full potential.

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