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Robin Emmerich has helped transform hundreds of lives from the inside out. She helps guide people to their most authentic self so that they are living life fulfilled with what they want versus a life of unfulfilled dreams and desires.

2700 Bee Caves Road Suite 101 Westlake, Austin, Texas 78746

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Your subconscious mind is a lot like a voice and video recorder that has been recording and storing data since the day you were born. So much of this data promotes negative thoughts that aren’t true beliefs like “I’m not good enough”, “I’ll never make enough money’’ or “I’ll never fall in love again”, until we unconsciously accept them as truths.

The GOOD NEWS is, you can reprogram the mind! This process is achieved through hypnosis techniques, where the conscious mind is inhibited and the subconscious mind is revealed.

Empower yourself to:

· Transform negative beliefs and thought patterns

· Get to the source of deep-seated problems

· Find clarity in your thoughts and discover inner peace

· Manage stress, anxiety and other destructive emotions

· Make better health decisions

· Improve your relationships

· Find real meaning in your busy, modern life

Robin Emmerich is a Life Coach & Hypnotherapist who has helped transform hundreds of lives using practical tools and techniques. Her complementary approach uses hypnotherapy techniques to help clients release fears and negative emotions that are holding them back. Then, when these mental blockades are no longer in place, she employs life coaching tools to set clients up for success and achieve the life they desire.


2700 Bee Caves Rd
Ste 101
Austin, Texas 78746

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Robin Emmerich | Life Coach & Hypnotherapist

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